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(Summary description)Thefollowinginformationwassubmittedandidentifiedby/onbehalfoftheclientas:Applicant:NantongLvmeijiaPlasticRubber. Co.,LtdAddress:26GroupTangwanVillage,MotouTownRugaoCity,Jiangsu,China.Sample Name:foam 


(Summary description)Thefollowinginformationwassubmittedandidentifiedby/onbehalfoftheclientas:Applicant:NantongLvmeijiaPlasticRubber. Co.,LtdAddress:26GroupTangwanVillage,MotouTownRugaoCity,Jiangsu,China.Sample Name:foam 

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The following information was submitted and identified by/on behalf of the client as: Applicant : Nantong Lvmeijia Plastic Rubber. Co.,Ltd

Address : 26 Group Tangwan Village, Motou Town Rugao City, Jiangsu, China. Sample Name : foam mats

Sample Model : 30*30*1.2 Receive Date : Apr. 17, 2018

Testing period : Apr. 17, 2018 – Apr. 25, 2018

Test Requested : As specified by client, determination of Dimethyl formamide (DMFa) content in the submitted sample(s).

Test Method : Please refer to the next page(s). Test Result(s) : Please refer to the next page(s).

newsFor and on behalf of

Shanghai Global Testing Services Co., Ltd.



Authorized Signature  

Shi Lei/Kevin General Manger -GTS/SHO



Test Result(s):

Test Sample Description

Sample No.

Sample Name

Sample Description



foam mats

Pink foam





Dimethyl formamide(DMFa) content

Test Method: Refer to Lab internal method (GZTC CHEM-TOP-161),

Semivolatile Organic Compounds by Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry(GC/MS)

Test Item






Dimethyl formamide






Note: 1. 1mg/kg=0.0001%;

2. MDL = Method Detection Limit;

3. N.D. = Not Detected (<MDL).

4. “-" = Not Regulated.


Sample Photo(s):




***End of Report***


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